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This is a Harry Potter community where we can all meet and discuss what we like about each of the books and characters, and what we'd
like to see in the next books and movies. Basically to talk HP round the clock.

The only rules I have for this community is this:

1) Do not start flame wars. Respectfully discuss and the debate the topics.

2) If you have quizzes or pictures to post limit them to a max of two per post and use an LJ cut.

3) If you have fanfics please post a link and not the fanfic itself.


5) Spoilers must be placed behind LJ cuts.

6) Please note this is for character analysis. Please refrain from fan-girl posts on how sexy or beautiful the different actors/actresses are.

7) Advertisements for communities will be allowed, but by approved members only. And you must make three posts beforehand. I won't have members just advertising then disappearing. If you're going to advertise, make sure you're going to stay. If you leave, your advertisements and posts will be deleted.

8)No off topic posts.

9) Enjoy yourself here!

This community is created/founded by pippinshire
Under New Moderation:

Now moderated by ___fate___ and maintained by shattered_kitty
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